Robots helping scientists and aged people

EVER Third Robot is designed to help in hospitals, hospitals and homes. A Norway-based company has created such human beings that will scatter the hands of scientists and homes at the laboratory. Norway’s company Hallywood Robotics has developed a robot named EVE R3, which has been demonstrated in a showcase. Wheelchair-powered voluntary robots can do […]

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Invent ‘Universal Memory’ to save mountain-like computer data

Invent ‘Universal Memory’ to save mountain-like computer data Scientists have invented a new electronic memory to save users’ countless and in-depth data, called Universal Memory. Research has been published in the ‘Significant Reports’ period, as it was a difficult task to store and store computer data such as mounting mountains everyday, but now British University […]

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technoglobal battery

At the same time, a wireless charging table with a number of devices

E-board table that can charge sunlight with multiple phone and manual devices. Now it is a matter of time that there are several manual devices in charge of each house, and it also takes a break on charging at once. The solution is given by a Spanish company in the e-board, which is a solar […]

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It is possible to send Wi-Fi to friends without informing the password

New Web Sites and apps have changed this feature to a QR code. Do you know that Internet users can share their Wi-Fi connection with others without having a password? Sharing Wi-Fi sharing time with guests, friends, and stranger for internet use, the password is likely to be stolen, which may cause you to lose […]

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Samsung released details of its first Folding Phone

Display is not damaged even though thousands of times are folded. After staying in rumor for a period, Samsung presented pictures and details of his first smartphone.¬†Although, since a long time, Samsung was offering speculation that he would offer a foldable smartphone very soon, but its regular announcement has been done in the Samsung Developer […]

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World’s first foldable phone? Chinese display maker Royole unveiled World’s first fold-able smartphone with a price tag in line with iPhones.

A Chinese company has been Announced to Offer the World’s First Folding Smartphone The smartphone rumor mill has been buzzing for years with hints that Korean tech giant Samsung was on the verge of creating a practical, foldable phone. Even if those rumors are finally true, it looks like the foldable phone race has been […]

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