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Download and installation of latest version of Windows 10 from Microsoft

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Download and installation of the latest version of Windows 10 from Microsoft website is the topic that we are going to discuss, today. It’s a time to use Microsoft Windows 10 that will be the last version of windows and will acquire all updates with the passage of time. As you all know, that latest version of Microsoft office 2019 can’t be installed in the already existing Windows 8 or already published version of windows before windows 8. Hence, it is necessary that a user should install Microsoft Windows 10 in his/her laptop/desktop to use the latest version of Microsoft office 2019. I think it is just a start of updates. If we see a few years back, then we can understand that earlier version of Windows OS was not supported, hence for that user upgraded their windows for the security of their; laptop/desktop. In this tutorial, we will guide our visitors that we can we get the latest and original version of windows 10 using micro soft’s website. All the stepwise instruction is given below,

Step 1: media creation tool

First of all, you have to download the media creation tool from the homepage of Microsoft using the link given below,

Step 2:  open tool

As soon as the download of media creation tool is complete, you must open this tool.

Step 3:  terms and conditions

After opening the tool, then read all terms and conditions and click on the “Accept” icon. A screenshot of this step is shown below,

Windows 10 from Microsoft

Step 4: upgrade this PC now

Now a choice comes for you, whether you are trying to upgrade the already existing version of windows to windows 10 or installing a new and fresh copy of windows 10. If you wish to upgrade the already existing windows version to windows 10 then simply choose “Upgrade this PC now”. But, if you wish to get a fresh and new original window 10 in your pc/laptop then simply choose the second option “create installation media (USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file) for another PC”. For a better understanding of the views, a screenshot is also given below,

Windows 10 from Microsoft

Step 5:   select language

Next, you must untick/tick all the options and language preference, edition and the style according to your desire. Then click next. A screenshot is given below for this step,

 Windows 10 from Microsoft

Step 6: USB flash drive” option

Now, a choice comes for you that if you wish to create a bootable USB then simply you must plug in a USB (with available storage capacity more than 8 GB) in the laptop/PC. After that, you must select “USB flash drive” option. As I need to download ISO image only, then I will select the second option. To understand this step, see the given below screenshot,

Windows 10 from Microsoft

The download process will continue, and its speed depends on your internet connection speed whether it will be slow or fast.

Windows 10 from Microsoft

Finally, the desired file I got after waiting for few minutes shown in a screen shot given below.

Windows 10 from Microsoft

We hope this blog will be very helpful for all the viewers for original windows 10 installation. For further improvements, in the blogs, please send us the comments or concerns. We will appreciate your feedback and support.

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