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We live in technology for the adverse effects of technology, we are very upset with the storm-hit storm on social media and parents are disturbed by the endless use of children’s electric gadgets. Despite all these adversities or negative effects, we do not come from the use of technology, like social networking, enjoying and posting and browsing, and giving ourselves electric gadgets instead of books in children’s hands, and leave If there is a child crying, we do not have the opportunity to understand and understand, immediately the mobile phones cure for a thirst.

There is no doubt that there are negative effects of technology as well as numerous benefits and positive aspects, meaningless use of social media can be a source of positive change in our society and the use of electronic gadgets for balanced and educational purposes. Children can increase educational and creative abilities. Sorry ! Our individual and collective lives have gone home for negative thoughts and what we see is rather negative, instead of positive aspects, and then we move forward that direction. Even when it reaches the place where the withdrawal of the road becomes difficult and we do not know whether we are lost in technology or technology has been embedded in us.

There should be positive thinking to get out of this case, then we will see positive aspect, and then only positive use of technology will be possible, which will enable us to use. My whole month is about the last “busy Sunday” and child’s entertainment demand for Sha’ban. So, every Sunday is going to engage in engagement, but it was twenty-four Shuban on Sunday, ie, the first day of Ramadan was expected on the next day. So the work was more than the limit. Indeed, we do not work all weekly for ourselves and leave them for the sun, which become like mountains. Although, if the ‘work of today is not done tomorrow’, then it is possible to follow the golden multitude. They did not come. But our sand is worthless that instead of today’s work, weeks of work are oblivious and the Sunday day is allocated for them.

Well, work is tied to human life, and do not take up the name of the end. However, at the scheduled time, the performance of tasks and the best plan can be kept in control. Children demanded that it has been enough and they did not entertain any park etc. so today a fun program. I lost my mind for a while. The demand of children was good at their place, but what will be done for today’s day. It was all the problem. After a little bit of thought, I pulled my mobile phone from the pocket and turned it on Internet data. Check out Facebook, Wats app and IMO. Fortunately, my old and close friend Mohammad Ishaq was online from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.

For the past ten years, he has been employed for a job where he works in a plastic pipe-making factory. After prayer and greetings, I told him that there is a way to entertain children today and they are asking me to go to a park or entertainment, but I do not have a chance because there is a long list of tasks. . He also gave the fate of validating the demands of the children. I said. “Today, there are more than a dozen jobs and also have to prepare Ramadan, which can not lead children to take out of their homes. What will you do in this situation then? ” ”. They asked me to understand what I said. I said I have a solution if you help me for a while. ” why not ”. He said while filling the ham. “I am present, tell you the solution.” I told him to turn on the mobile phone camera and make your factory happy today. She smiled and turned on camera. I turned on the mobile phone projector and said that today you will show and understand how to make plastic pipes with Isaac Anak Jeddah today. Besides, factory tours will also be done. The children were very happy and stayed with factory for Ishaq Anak, forty-five minutes. He understands the steps taken from the raw material to the loading of plastic pipes. Also tell the machines and equipment used in the factory and their function in detail.

In those fifty-five minutes, I got ready and put my work list in the pocket and told the children to be Hafizullah Hafiz, and he also shouted joyfully.Therefore, it is necessary that we should highlight the positive aspects of technology not only in children, but also to inform the losses and effects of negative aspects, and this responsibility will be taken by parents and teachers. For this purpose We will have to endure small exercises and activities so that the positive use of technology can be resolved.

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