Drones also started painting on the walls

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Experts have experimented with the use of four-digit drone simultaneously to perform beautiful paintings on a large wall, which is usually called graphite.

This demonstration was done under a plan named ‘Arbin Flying Opera’ (UFO) project. Under the project, the city’s administration sought details of many affected projects from different people. The competition was conducted by a designing company, Carlo Rita, in which a thousand people sent their own project, 100 of which were accepted.
Under this project, Polynechnic University of Torno and Torno University jointly planned to paint a large wall with the help of drone, which was called a practical demonstration.


A painting company has a wall mounted wall for painting, which is located in Turin, Italy. On June 25 and June 26, the drone-controlled drone program made a beautiful painting on the wall. The central control system separately controlled every drone and colors and experts have been closely monitoring the entire process.

In this process, 14 meters long and 12 meter wide wall was selected on which three different colors were mounted. In this black color was used to describe the black color. Redundant showed the life of Turen’s civil life and other ingredients. While the entire article or storage cover was covered by the vegetable mile blue lane. Successfully tested a complicated drawing from a drone on a vertical large wall for the first time.

In recent days, there are countless uses of drone strikes, but now the days are not far away when painting or painting or painting work will also be done on drone buildings.

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