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In the 21st century, the most important in the ‘conflicts’ sector will be the war to take a stand in the field of trade. This war is “artificial intelligence” by taking all the fields up to ‘Internet Working’ devices. The Semi conductors will get the primary status in this war. The chip industry is the industry where the US wants to maintain its integrity and on the other hand, China is attracting it to gain expertise in this sector. The main point is that where the two countries are surrounded by each other. Similarly, in the G-20 meeting, the dispute between the trumpet and the President, maintained that The computer computer is the primary factor in digital economy and security issues. Cars have been formatted by computer tires. Banks, they have computerized computers, make transactions of geographics. Think their wars are fighting with iron as well as iron. The industries of Andorra and allied countries of Korea, South Korea, are dominated by this innovation as it is still “high-end” chips “on other countries. China’s import of Semi conductors is more than the exports of oil imports. According to sales, there are no Chinese companies in fifteen big companies in the world. China had planned its plan before taking over the Trump. In 2012, China has given a strong yuan ($ 150 / billion) ” excitement fund ” to deliver its industry. China 2025 “has also been given importance in the project. Semi Conductors have been given importance. With regard to the development of this modern industry, China’s ambitions have troubled the Obama administration. Obama 2015”ntel”kopany new chips prevented from selling China in 2015. Also in 2016, when a Chinese company was trying to pull a chip-making German company, America stopped the deal. A report from White House was published before leaving the office, which was suggested to take action against such Chinese companies. The ‘technology technology’ was infected. The gangsters have taken similar measures. Yes, there are already policies such as Taiwan and Japanese companies, under which China companies have been forced to buy most of the equipment.

Although the ‘Chap’ war has occurred before the Trump, however, Trump has produced more warfare in the war. He gave the bidder comrade given by China’s Dresden Singapore Company regarding the sale of Qualcom. Earlier this year, American companies banned their “chips” and ” Whiteware ” Chinchile Telecom Company ZTE. Due to this company, it reached near bankruptcy. According to Termur, the Chinese President’s appeal currently They have taken this decision. The reactions have now changed. Firstly, the US convinced that it was justified by China and the modern TT It is due to the conventional situation. Obama has imposed a lot of restrictions on importing opium. Due to these restrictions, the Chinese company “Fujian Jinhua” also inspired Imhuiai, which he had tried to move secretive technology. In addition to this, the White House new technologies are constantly implementing new restrictions. The second change has come to be that China is working continuously for achieving independence in the Semi Conductors industry and encourages it to provide immensely encouragement. In response, when ZTE has been engaged, the audience contacted all the major companies of their country. All China’s largest companies, including Alibaba, Baidu and Huawei, have the same effect as “chip making”, and Chen has admired that he might be in the way of American companies.

There is no change in the interests of the two countries. There are also concerns about the fact that if China’s dependence on China ‘s sovereignty, domestic security can also be threatened. Similarly, China’s Caucasian Babur Khoobab Maybe, as long as he does not depend on himself in this field. Chen wants to run this race, while America wants to keep his retirement in the race. What is the difference between America and the United States? The current goal of the White House is to come. That the supply of Semi Conductors should be made publicized. It is a good idea, but this era of globalization is not possible. There are 16,000 suppliers of a company that is half foreigners. Chen holds a central market for many industries. Qualcomm sells its production in China The distribution of this industry will affect both American industrialists and consumers, and the picker will be such a step as the capabilities of this industry will reach.

By the way, if you are looking for a change, you can not take any advantage from any step. If America is inclined to make a “manufacturing industry”, it can reduce its rival speed by such a move, but it is not possible to develop the path of China. The reason behind the rise of “Sally Will Valley” was the help of the US government, in the same way, China is also using the economy and business resources to promote this industry. China has made a visit package to attract intelligent people. In this case, specialists look at Taiwan. Companies like Chen Huawei are capable of inventing. In 2015, when the Intel ‘Impact’ was imposed on importing China, the ban banned Chinese’s’ computer ” industry into its feet.

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