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Is Samsung working on the Rolling Smartphone? Galaxy Role

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Seoul, South Korea: Is Samsung working on the Rolling Smartphone? Galaxy Role

Images of patent-owned by Samsung have been released by Samsung, which can be seen by dragging a Rolling smartphone screen down like the roller downstream and thus increasing the size of the screen Will be.

Analysts have named it a vertical scroller or a vertical rolling phone, after which a debate has begun against mobile experts and the fans, audience, and people are expressing their views. However, Samsung has called it ‘Galaxy Role’.

But before this, fans and audience were looking forward to Samsung’s call-like ‘Folding’ phone ‘Galaxy Role’ because its final date has not yet been announced that was told till the middle of the year. Then some websites have said that the Folding Phone “Galaxy Role” design has shown many problems, including the breakdown, which could not continue Samsung its folding phone so far. On the other hand, the US and cell phone service providers, AT & T, have also canceled the order of Samsung’s Folding smartphone.

However, when Galaxy Role was sold at the selected places in April, there was a lot of problems in the phone that was exposed by the public who used this folding smartphone. It shows that a folding phone will not be a reality this year. It looks like a traditional smartphone, but it has a roller at the bottom which has a display inside and it opens like a scroll. According to Tech Crunch Website, Galaxy Role has a selfie camera on the top side of the phone and it also has an air-pace on the top. The patent application of this tool was given in November 2018. On the other hand, the LG company has announced that LG will launch a smartphone in the market whose display will be of the glass, but it can be folded. That’s why Samsung’s dream of roller phone will come true after many years. However, Samsung is really giving a note of this year that the Galaxy Note 10 will be sold in August.

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