Snapchat Copies TikTok With Lip-Syncing Feature

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Snapchat has introduced a new “Lens Challenge” feature that lets users share videos of them lip-syncing videos. The feature has glaring similarities to the new app TikTok.

The new feature on Snapchat is built using augmented reality which gives users access to challenges by unlocking the lens in the app. You can then create your own lip sync video with animated AR effects and share it with your story. You can also submit it to “Our Story” which then shows it to the other users who are not on the list of friends.


Previously, Snapchat was copied by different apps including Instagram and Facebook which took from its features and updates.

The first Lens Challenge is set to feature Gwen Stefani’s Jingle Bells but Snap plans to let the users create their own challenges as well in the future. The company is hoping that the feature will engage many users and create more viral moments for the app like it did for TikTok over the last year.

Snap has pinned its hopes on the over-35 crowd to revive user growth for its photo messaging app, a shift that ad buyers say could backfire.

Though it does look like Snapchat is not the only app copying TikTok, Facebook has also released its own version of this app called Lasso.

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