The adverse effects of 5G technology can be more likely!!!

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The adverse effects of 5G technology can be more likely. The fifth generation of ‘Mobile Phones’ has come, i.e. users will enjoy the fastest internet through high frequency and bandwidth, and data download and upload speed will be up to 10 GHz per second. However, this technology is intended to be careful due to its adverse effects.

According to the International News Agency, where the 5G will provide the fastest internet. Its adverse effects can be horrible, as far as ‘5G Network’ has a frequency between 600 MHz and 6 GHz. In 5G, this frequency will be between 24 GHz to 86 GHz, and these implications make an implicit impact on human health.

Scientists concerned about rising Internet use and uninterrupted frequency have warned that the spread of technology should be reviewed after assessing the impact on its health and environment. Recently, 250 scientists filed a petition in the United Nations, which revealed exposure to cancer infections from the emerging radicals.

The World Health Organization (WHO) was also signed on the petition filed in the United Nations. Experts further cautioned whether the smartphone or radio-antenna rays produce electromagnetic fields, which can be extremely vulnerable to human health and environment, including cancer’s growing risks, cellular stresses, dangerous diseases, Genetic damages, changes in the functionality of reproductive systems, weaknesses in learning and learning.

Experts say that this frequency will affect the nervous system of human beings, which is likely to deteriorate problems in Khumsa, and it can also prove to be a branch of change in human behavior, such as anxiety, distress or anger. Many of them have been diagnosed with 5G, their death penalty will be more likely in 5g because 4G, 10 times faster than 3G, while the 5G will work a thousand times faster than 4G.

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