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This year, big companies will be tested in the field of folding phones

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This year, big companies will be tested in the field of folding phones. This year, big companies will be tested in the field of folding phones and also at least four companies are offering smartphones with the folding display.

California: People around the world are hungry in smartphones, and seeing the same advertisement last year. Apple and Samsung companies folded down the curtains of closing and folding foldable smartphones. In this case, companies also presented details of their own innovations and patents.

folding phones

This year Samsung had first announced that the Folding Phone is offering this year (but it is unlikely to release this phone as soon as possible) beginning with $ 1980, its cost It’s almost two hundred thousand, thousand rupees. Samsung has released a video in which a glimpse of this phone can be seen. This phone is being named as Samsung Galaxy S 10, but an analyst website has named it the ‘Samsung Galaxy Fold’ or ‘Galaxy F’.The deep-looking websites on mobile companies have said Apple has patented several models of folding phones whose information has not been disclosed. Some analysts have said that the Folding Phone race behind Apple was behind, due to which there are non-interest in public interest in the iPhone and business losses. According to Forbes’s website, Apple had acquired a third-fold smartphone in 2014, but it was slowly running slowly and now the latest news is that Apple has started working faster. According to experts, it will probably be named ‘iPhone X Folded’. In the past, Apple AppleWheel phone made on the Nokia Communications Caterer’s phone will include a keyboard like a laptop or work on the same pattern. However, on the website named Toms Guide, it has been claimed that if Apple Folding Phone comes from delay, it will definitely be successful in stepping into this field.

folding phones

Huawei: the new player

Over the past several years, the company is offering a low cost-effective phone and now it is also involved in Folding Phone Racing this year. In this case, Hayey has announced his folding phone, but the price is much higher than $ 2600. Haven has named him ‘Matt X’ which has been closed in the glass case so that it can be protected from scratches and scratches.

folding phones

Then another unique company, TCL, has announced its folding phone. This company claims that these foldable phones will be cheaper than all the rest of the companies. In this case, the company has not issued more details but has already presented an implicit picture of a model that you can see here. The TCL has a unique reputation for making different types of displays. The company claims that its folding phone will be sold at Sam Price by half price so that the masses can buy it.

folding phones

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