Using a mobile phone, changes in human skull

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On the back of the skull, the eyebrows can be seen shining, which are emerging from the constant use of mobile phones.

Smartphone’s unusual use can affect our health in many ways, but now the use of mobile phones is also affecting the human structure. But how is this happening? Answering this, Australian experts have said that tight horns appear to be emerging on the lower part of the skull due to continuous neck bending. This is called ‘Elderized Extreme Oxyse Petal Protestants’ or short-term EEOP. The bone of the skull is called Oxyse Petal Bone.

Experts say that using the phone with constant head pressure increases pressure on the back of the skull. Hours are due to the slope of the skull bone display.

In this case, Australia’s experts examined such antitrust deaths from 18 to 86 years and their 33 percent of the numbers were seen in a scalp due to unusual reactions. Earlier, similar research was conducted in Canada. It was surveyed by thousands of students of Canadian universities, and 68% of them using 4.65 hours of phone daily complained of head and neck pain. Experts have written in their report after the survey that unusual use of manual instruments is not only affecting health, but it itself changes the skull structure and compromises itself with that pressure.

Experts have said that the EEOP complaint in teenagers and teenagers is very high, which is very worried. Experts found that horns of bone were seen on some people’s skulls and they warned that more complications and disabilities could also be found.

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