Amazing robotic fish that moves ahead of ‘electric blood’

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The reality, but a lifetime of life has emerged, in which scientists have made a soft-colored robotic fish that goes on using ‘batteries’ in their bodies, using ‘energy’ as energy and performs other issues. Is.

The Argentine Robotic Lab, located at Cornell University, has made a robot like a line fash. There is no battery or no seal, but it has an electric liquid that provides energy to the fish. Interestingly, this revolutionary liquid also helps in moving it into the water.

Thus the robotic fish has passed an important milestone of non-wire which has been a challenge for experts for a while.

Eats increase the weight of such devices and thus they do not work for any work. Then anything to be done is the movement and efficiency of the robot. Meanwhile, University Psychologist James Peak and his colleagues have prepared 40 cm long fish silicon. It has two hydraulic pumps that combine coated zinc-iodized flu cell batteries. A pump sends liquid from one side to the other side. The second pump moves the liquid towards the back and forth of the fish. Thus the fish moves and moves forward. However, its speed is still very slow-it’s half the length of its body as much as it takes in one minute. But it will improve further over time.

Although robotic and spicy body robots are being made from here. It contains a single electrolyte solution, which gives both the electromagnetic and mechanical energy to the robot and it is also called the blood of the robot. This robot fish stays for 36 hours without interruption.

Although the robot is still a Toyota item, however, in the future, it will be used to improve the fish, water research and ocean review.

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