Invent ‘Universal Memory’ to save mountain-like computer data

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Invent ‘Universal Memory’ to save mountain-like computer data

Scientists have invented a new electronic memory to save users’ countless and in-depth data, called Universal Memory.

Research has been published in the ‘Significant Reports’ period, as it was a difficult task to store and store computer data such as mounting mountains everyday, but now British University scientists succeeded in finding this difficult solution. Have been difficult in real.

According to the University’s specialist physics, ‘Universal Memory’ is also the same as an electronic memory, but most of its special features include RAM and Falash Storage and have more than 100 DRAM The ability to fold data is the ability to secure.

Scientists say that Universal Memory also holds Intrinsic data storage time as it also uses less energy. Universal memory will also work on a new computer that will never require booting.

Scientists say that due to universal memory, users will not even need to update computers, mobile phones, and apps, etc. This technology is in the final stages of its preparation and will soon be used by consumers.


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