Robots helping scientists and aged people

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EVER Third Robot is designed to help in hospitals, hospitals and homes.
A Norway-based company has created such human beings that will scatter the hands of scientists and homes at the laboratory.

Norway’s company Hallywood Robotics has developed a robot named EVE R3, which has been demonstrated in a showcase. Wheelchair-powered voluntary robots can do a lot of work from their arms, which can weigh 8 kg at a time.


The height of the robot is 175 cm and weighs 76 kg, and it moves at a speed of 22 km / hour at its full speed. It has a third wheel on its back side which can bend forward and back. But it works according to human implications or orders that can be called a telescope (remote) robot. That’s why it can be used in a variety of cases.
EVER Third Robot is designed to help scientists in universities and research institutes which provide mobile and other research information. It can also be used in programming and it also provides a visual platform that allows some experts without informing them in some areas.

Similarly, the help of elderly people and people who sit away can also give their loved ones medicines and food through robots. Although its price is $ 1.5 million and it will start supplying next year.

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