Samsung released details of its first Folding Phone

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Display is not damaged even though thousands of times are folded.

After staying in rumor for a period, Samsung presented pictures and details of his first smartphone. Although, since a long time, Samsung was offering speculation that he would offer a foldable smartphone very soon, but its regular announcement has been done in the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) this year. Just a few days ago, an unmatched Chinese company, Royole, did not only give full details of the world’s first Folding Smartphone, but also announced regular sales in December.

Maybe that’s why Samsung has announced its first Folding Prototype and has expanded its description. When the smartphone is opened as a book, the screen expands up to 7.3 inches wide. To make it the company has created a new interface called “WinU”. In such a way that the running app moves the internal screen to the phone.

Samsung shaped a new display for its foldable phone named as the Infinity Flex Display. According to the company it had to amend the typical layers that are part of any display (this is what lights up the “screen” you see on your phone). All displays are made of layers, but they’re usually stacked and unmoving. The Infinity Flex Display uses a new adhesive that Samsung developed to laminate the display layers so they can flex and fold hundreds of thousands of times. The company also needed to make the Infinity Flex Display thinner than any other mobile display. It cut the thickness of the polarizer layer, which helps make the screen legible, by 45 percent.

Infinity Flex Display Phone can run three apps at a time. You can talk to Facebook while viewing a video or find your destination on Google Maps.

Samsung has photographed this phone in a low light, and according to some analysts, Samsung does not want to show all its details because only the screen is visible in pictures. Samsung has said that the screen of glass is not always useful for this type of phone, and for this the company has made a new material that is composed of composite polymer, which is flexible at one time and is strong. It has the ability to shock and shock all the time, while the polarized process shows the display and the screen is not damaged despite thousands of times being folded. This Android operates Android’s Android operating system, but this phone will not be available this year because Samsung has not yet started its manufacturing.Like the Royole FlexPai, this foldable phone will automatically transfer the app or screen you’re looking at in the folded-up “closed” position to the “open” position, and vice versa. We noticed some lag here on the FlexPai, but haven’t had a chance to see how Samsung will handle the transition.

The details about the price of this new phone as not yet been provided by the company, however we can expect that its price will not lower, instead it will costly. High price tags are likely to avert foldable phones from instantly becoming big hits, and some experts have uncertainty  that there is massive craving for such products. Royole’s folding phone, revealed last week with a 7.8 inch screen, was priced from around $1,300.

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