It is possible to send Wi-Fi to friends without informing the password

Technology Trends

New Web Sites and apps have changed this feature to a QR code.

Do you know that Internet users can share their Wi-Fi connection with others without having a password?

Sharing Wi-Fi sharing time with guests, friends, and stranger for internet use, the password is likely to be stolen, which may cause you to lose access to your Internet data, but can not even make friends angry.

There is a problem of every difficulty in this technology and everything is broken, so how can it be possible that the endurance of users cannot be removed so that now without the password display, Can be accessed.

There are websites to convert Wi-Fi passwords into ‘QR Code’ that can be searched on Google, go to a website such as qrstuff.com and select ‘Wi-Fi Network’ or Wi-Fi login. Please type the Wi-Fi name, enter the password, select WPA, then the QR code will be created which can be downloaded.

Take your Wi-Fi password QR code ready, keep the QR code software safe and give it to your friends and friends who will be connected to your password without the password.

This facility came two years ago but the success ratio was not good, but the technology has been further improved, through new websites and apps, the process has been made easier, efficient and efficient.

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