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At the same time, a wireless charging table with a number of devices

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E-board table that can charge sunlight with multiple phone and manual devices.

Now it is a matter of time that there are several manual devices in charge of each house, and it also takes a break on charging at once. The solution is given by a Spanish company in the e-board, which is a solar deposit table and can charge several devices at a time.

The ‘E Board’ table can become energy even with the sun or artificial light. Although at first glance it looks a simple table but modern technologies have been improved inside it. But it does not take one or two of the 50 charges of coal (i.e. i.e. three to four devices at a time).

E-board ‘G Qi’ has been built based on Qi technology that means some of the last few modern models of the famous smartphone may charge without wire. It includes the latest models of iPhone and Galaxy Google Pixel Third and Third XL, almost all of the famous smartwatches, Tablet and Ethernet Euterons.

Yes, if there is no wireless charging facility in a phone, two adapter sellers are also being provided.

The best thing is that the table does not need to be plugged in but it has photovoltaic energy and generates electricity from sunlight. If the sunlight is missing, it also works satisfactorily with artificial light.

According to the company, a layer used in the table preparation is made of marine bacteria, which has been patented.

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