World’s first foldable phone? Chinese display maker Royole unveiled World’s first fold-able smartphone with a price tag in line with iPhones.

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A Chinese company has been Announced to Offer the World’s First Folding Smartphone

The smartphone rumor mill has been buzzing for years with hints that Korean tech giant Samsung was on the verge of creating a practical, foldable phone. Even if those rumors are finally true, it looks like the foldable phone race has been won by the relatively unknown company Royole and its FlexPai.There’s been abundant verbalize race between Samsung and Huawei to unharness the world’s first foldaway smartphone. However, Chinese company Royole, a little-known mobile company with offices in John C. Fremont, California, Hong Kong, and China’s hardware hub, Shenzhen. Royole took the wraps off its seven.8-inch foldaway FlexPai phone-tablet at an occasion in Beijing on weekday.


The device includes a versatile space within the middle that enables it to be sunray with the rear aspect facing inwards, changing it into a rather chunky dual-screen phone. The Chinese company Royole is offering the world’s first folded smartphone next month.

Royole, a six-year-old electronics parts manufacturer, FlexPai would “subvert people’s perception of ancient good phones,” functioning as a conveyable device and a high-definition massive screen pill, with the aptitude to support dual-screen use.During the press conference, Bill Liu, founder and CEO of Royole, also announced that the firm would invest 200 million yuan into global firms that would develop apps and software for the device.

China’s leading company surprised not only analysts to sell the world’s first Folding screen smartphone at the end of the next month, but also left behind companies like Samuel and Hui Have been working on such a phone for a while.Introducing the world’s first foldable smartphone, a stylish combination of a mobile phone and tablet with a fully flexible screen:This is the “world’s first foldable screen phone” released by Rouyu Technology, which will use the Snapdragon 8150 processor, but its design is very rough, just to seize the “first”, this is a futures product.

The Chinese company behavior has developed a flexible display of emulated technology on its bill, using a smartphone using a phone at a time and working tablet. Smartphone screen reaches up to 7.8-inch screen after the opening. The display has been designed in such a way that two million times is not too bad after opening and closing. This model has been named Flex Pie.

The phone has been set up in the phone as the QUALCOMM Generation Snapper Dragon 8 series SOC processor. REM is 8 GB while storage capacity is 128 to 256 GB. The dual camera has a 20-megapixel camera telephoto sensor and 16 MP wide angle camera installed.

It is undoubtedly the world’s first-generation screen phone that will be able to release behavioral technology, however, analysts have described its design as very inconvenient. The new phone operating system is named Water OS, which is the alternative to Android Knight Pie. Smartphone will be offered in December-end sales, worth $ 1300 to 128 GB and 256 GB worth $ 1469.

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